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In addition to his shop services, Ronny's Garage owner Ronny Shaver assists luxury classic and collectible automobile owners with technical answers covering their pre-war and post-war era cars. As the Technical Chairperson of the Rolls-Royce Owners' Club of Southern California, many Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners rely on Ronny for service, repairs, restoration and advice about their "Proper Motor Cars" (PMC's).

If you have a question about service, maintenance or restoring your classic luxury car, or just need some good advice, contact Ronny. Ronny also contributes articles for Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners, publishes informative, how-to videos, and articles of interest to buyers and sellers of fine and distinctive classic cars and luxury marque collectors such as those linked below.

Ask Ronny Articles

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  4. Technical Topics
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  7. Why Does My Silver CloudII Engine Smoke and Knock Badly? part1
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  10. Summer Time Blues Your Cooling System
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  12. Why Should I Pay For A Pre Purchase Inspection?
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  20. Where Can I Find Window Channeling For My 1939 Wraith?
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  24. Why Does My Early Post war Car Overheat?
  25. Pre event Safety Checklist
  26. What Is A Brake Servo and How Does It Work?
  27. Why Does My Mineral Oil Hydraulic System Car Ride So Hard In The Rear?
  28. What Is The Bijur System and How Do I Use It?
  29. Common Silver Cloud Issues
  30. Common Silver Spirit Silver Spur Issues
  31. Why Is My 1985 Corniche So Hard To Start When Warm?
  32. Pre purchase Road Test
  33. Is Your Silver Cloud Wandering?

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