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Restoring Classic and World Class Automobiles Since 1979

At Ronny’s Garage, we are owners of fine and distinctive classic cars and luxury marque collectors too. And like you, we’re passionate about them and excited about each and every potential restoration project. Likewise, we’re often compelled to define the line between a quality restoration project and a parts car. When it is a restoration project, we first determine the desired outcome for the finished project, then plan our investment of time and expenditures over a period of time. We help guide owners of similar classics through each decision and step along the way, with personalized attention to their specific needs and requirements, to achieve their individual restoration goals.

Restorations: Concours d’Elegance Restorations; Show Quality Restorations; Restorations for Preserving Automotive History; Restorations for Investment; Restorations for Daily Driving; Restorations with Modern Updates; Custom Rebuilds and Restorations; and Partial Restoration Services

Q. How Much Does A Restoration Project Cost?
A. What Kind of Restoration Project Do You Want?

Many people ask us what it would cost to restore their car. So as to remain polite, courteous and professional, we must ask, “What kind of restoration do you desire?”

Our Approach
We first review your intended use for the car. We help qualify if it will be Sunday go-to-church driven, daily-driven with modern updates, driven only to car shows to be judged for quality of restoration, or will it be restored for investment?

Once the intended use for the vehicle has been determined, we can then move on to your desired “restoration” and the projected cost for services. While some customers may be emotionally motivated to restore a car because a close relative had the car and was never able to realize their dream of restoring it, others may love their car with plans to enjoy it for years to come, and yet others for investment sake. Regardless of your motivation, the restoration project is usually dictated by your budgetary concerns, the condition of your car as it sits, the present value of the car and the potential value after any restoration. For the purist, only a full-on restoration where the car is completely disassembled and reassembled with everything plated, painted and or replaced restoring the car back to a “new” or “original” state will suffice. For the passionate, a proper restoration is necessary to preserve all the value in the car. For the hobbyist, a custom restoration of only cosmetic and/or mechanical conditions may be desirable. Every owner and classic car restoration project are unique as is their investment into any project.

Our Classic Car Restoration Services
At Ronny’s Garage, we specialize in complete, custom restorations and have been restoring world class automobiles since 1979. We also offer stand-alone services for your classic car project including: Engine rebuilding; Suspension, Brakes and Hydraulics; Electrical; Coachwork; Interior and Exterior Cosmetics; Parts sourcing; and more. We invite you to click here to view some of our favorite projects, and to Contact Us to learn more about getting started on restoring your own classic car with Ronny’s Garage.

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